Producer-led sustainability programs: MSPO set for 1 Jan 2015

Khor Reports: At the most festive of palm oil gala dinners in the Malaysian calendar - that of the Palm Oil Refiners' Association (PORAM) - last night, Malaysia's Minister for Primary Industries and Commodities announced that Malaysian Standard Palm oil or MSPO is set for 1 Jan 2015. We'll update more with details as they come about.

Broadly, national industries are concerned about market access for their producers (especially smaller producers and smallholders) as voluntary sustainable programs seem to have some negative implications for market access. Dissatisfaction and concern is quite significant in Thailand, Malaysia and Indonesia (we had one or more visits in each of these places in the recent months, chatting with some key producers and policy makers). There is heightened talk of the need for producer-led / national programs and an Asean-wide initiative on sustainability.

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