Africa: NGOs asked to disclose info?

Thank you to a Khor Reports' international reader for alerting some news, in response to our recent posting on remote sensing and transparency. Interestingly, the Liberia government asks NGOs for some information disclosure (see news clipping image below). Might other Africa governments do the same?

Khor Reports comment: As Africa is in development mode, they will probably be more sensitive to interventions that affect their economic development policies. The asymmetry of information flows generated by plantation sustainability is notable. Plantations have released a lot of information and have also brought NGOs in-house to assist them in various technical and market access fields. They will be giving out more data such as the geovectors of their boundaries, land bank maps and land type details for usage by the public and NGOs via new RSPO and TFT-Wilmar's policies. In contrast other stakeholders have not needed to release much information.