PNG news: Tekwie laments PNG border weakness with Papua, Tomscoll wants firemakers arrested and charged, Long dry spell affects local oil palm growers

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10 July 2016: Study Calls for PNG to Integrate Sustainable Agricultural Practices 

Study Calls for PNG to Integrate Sustainable Agricultural Practices 16 Jun 2016

17 Feb 2016: Tekwie laments PNG border weakness with Papua

Tekwie laments PNG border weakness 25 January 2016  A community leader in West Sepik province says Papua New Guinea needs help from Australia and New Zealand to bolster its border security capacity... He says it's become easy for illegal elements to cross into PNG from Indonesia. "We have had cases of some people coming across the border in PNG with no visas. For example, last year we had about a hundred people working in Bewani Oil Palm project. That project has been developed by the member for Vanimo Green, Belden Namah. And here is a project that the MP is promoting and under his own nose, these things are happening."

12 December 2015: Tomscoll wants firemakers arrested and charged, Long dry spell affects local oil palm growers

Tomscoll wants firemakers arrested and charged  Posted by PNG Today October 22, 2015 - PNG Minister for Agriculture and Livestock Honourable Assik Tommy Tomscoll today called on police to arrest and charge anyone making fires irresponsibly that has resulted in loss of homes and properties, food gardens and income generating cash crops.
 Minister Tomscoll made the call after noting the number of losses from bush fires which are exasperating and multiplying the losses from the El Nino induced drought though out the country. Media reports this week note fires devastating 302 oil palm blocks in West New Britain with oil palm trees, food gardens and homes going up in flames, fires raging, razing and racing towards Indonesia’s Merauke Regency from Morehead in Western Province, and loss of food gardens and cash crops in other parts of the country from fires.

Long dry spell affects local oil palm growers 23 October 2015    The National, PNG - WEST New Britain’s small oil palm growers are feeling the effects of the long dry spell in low fruit harvests and a slump in market price for palm oil. The small growers, both village oil palm and land lease settlers, are facing low prices, low harvests and dried up food gardens with many blocks in the Mosa and Hoskins and East Nakanai LLGs going up in flames due to very hot, dry conditions. The small holders extension support manager of Hargy Oil Palm Limited Chris Tondiwi, in a brief statement, gave an assessment of the situation faced by the small growers in East Nakanai and Central Nakanai areas. According to Tondiwi, water tanks are empty and creeks are drying up, forcing people to walk long distances to obtain clean water for drinking and cooking.

19 October 2015: Australian aid criticized for favouring resource companies

Australian aid in PNG seen as enabling core problems Updated at 3:39 pm on 24 September 2015; Australia's aid programme in Papua New Guinea has been described as having enabled rather than remedied state fraud and market distortions in PNG.  The damning indictment came in a submission by the International State Crime Initiative at an Australian senate inquiry into the aid programme in PNG....The Australian government's strategy for delivering aid in PNG is reportedly based on "extensive consultation with a wide range of stakeholders from PNG and Australia including government, business, civil society and internatinal donors". However Dr Lasslett contests this claim, saying input is heavily slanted in favour of companies and players in sectors such as mining, oil, gas and oil palm. Among the State Crime Initiative's recommendations are for Australia's aid programme to provide more support to civil society projects which empower and mobilise PNG grassroots communities. It also recommends that support be given t develop a free and independent media in PNG....