Conservation news links - on algae and REDD

GM microbe breakthrough paves way for large-scale seaweed farming for biofuels; Scientists have created a genetically engineered microbe that turns the algae into low-carbon biofuel, but must make the technique commercially viable;; "...using 3% of the world's coastal waters to grow seaweed would produce 60bn gallons of ethanol..."

Conserving biodiversity hotspots 'could bring world's poor $500bn a year'; Study puts economic value on the indirect ecosystem services provided by the world's poorest people;

Khor Reports comments:
a) Algal oils are a hoped for alternative source for biofuels and also for consumer product usage. Unilever is hoping to replace palm oil with algal oils in some of its Dove Soap products and others within 5 years or so.
b) Who pays for conservation? REDD+ programs seem to be at early pilot test stages. Norway has the USD 1 billion deforestation moratorium deal with Indonesia. Ecuador is offering not to develop a rainforest area if it gets paid 1/2 of the potential revenue from extracting the hydrocarbons there.