Foods & ingredients news snippets

We have been keeping an eye on interesting news items about palm oil in end use products. These include promotion of red palm oil for deep-frying and other uses sans-colorant, Barry Callebout's RSPO-certified palm oil based cocoa products fully segregated in Europe and via mass balance in Asia-Pacific, and Unilever's Magnum ice cream EUR 1 billion sales but emerging concerns about ingredients in ice cream.

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Recent news snippets include:

SternRed: product promotes red palm oil as colour and heat-stable, flavour-neutral... "can be used as a problem-free substitute for synthetic colourings like beta-carotene. It also offers price advantages over other colorant ingredients like carrot extract. When used for deep-frying it gives crisps and chips a golden-yellow colouring..." RSPO-certified.

source: Sternchemie website

Barry Callebaut: offers fully segregated RSPO-cert palm oil based cocoa and chocolate products in Europe and mass balance versions in Asia-Pacific (and Americas soon).

Unilever: Full-year underlying sales growth 6.9% comprising 3.4% volume and 3.3% price increases. Magnum ice cream passes Eur 1 billion sales mark.

Ice cream: there is concern consumers may start to balk at the ingredients. "There can't be a child in Britain who doesn't know that ice cream is made from gloriously rich, frozen double cream, sugar and sometimes eggs ? after all, it's there in the name, isn't it? Ice cream. Or is it? Most people would lose their appetite pretty quickly if they knew what actually went into some of the thousands of tubs of ice cream that are sold from supermarket freezer cabinets every day..."