Khor Reports' Palm Oil newsletter #1: sustainability, food labels, bio-diesel, CPO price expectations

We are very happy to announce the launch of the Khor Reports' Palm Oil newsletter. It will be published once every two months.  

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KHOR REPORTS' PALM OIL, March / April 2013, ISSUE 1, contents:
  • Indonesia minimum wage hikes of up to 49%. 
  • Malaysia finally regularises duty structure vs. Indonesia. 
  • China food safety and more. 
  • Biofuels – US aims to get its cars out of oil “for good.” 
  • Food sector labelling. 
  • China popular product claims. 
  • EU-RED ILUC may block all but waste for biodiesel. 
  • HCV grassland criteria soon? 
  • FEATURE: Sustainable palm oil – heating up. “Palm oil free” and super tax get short shrift in France. 
  • Key vegetable oils. 
  • Weather outlook. 
  • CPO technical view. 
  • Price charts. 
  • Our CPO Price Expectations Survey