The Sabah-Sulu crisis and palm oil supply chain risks

KHOR REPORTS: THE SABAH-SULU CRISIS & PALM OIL. You can view our annotated map of the crisis that started in February and erupted in violence in early March 2013, resulting in risk concerns for the palm oil supply chain in Sabah (the biggest producer of palm oil in Malaysia).

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Instead of emailing a downloaded report, please share with your friends and colleagues by asking them to go this link: /khorreports-palmoil/2013/03/the-sabah-sulu-crisis-and-palm-oil.html (we would appreciate getting some info on hit stats)

I have also prepared an info briefing with working title “Sabah Palm Oil Supply-Chain Concerns, a socio-political analysis of the Sabah-Sulu Crisis” Please contact me if you are interested to get a copy when it’s ready.