Great Haze II: PSI measures for Malaysia and Singapore

Malaysia and Singapore offer lagging indicators for their air pollutant index reporting.
Malaysia air pollutant index

This can be found at this website:

It reports Muar, Johor, 7am measure of an astonishing reading of 746 while southern Johor has readings ranging about 120-140. KL has readings just above 100 and Klang at 188.Note that these are 24-hour averaged figures.

The high reading for Muar is consistent with the information that the super dense haze zone has moved northward from Singapore, where it was positioned a few days ago:

Singapore PSI readings

These can be found here: However, the shift to 3-hourly average and then 24-hourly average reporting smooths out the results and turns this into a historical record. This makes the Singapore report less useful for members of the public who might want to avoid going out when the current actual PSI is particularly high.

Consistent with the shift northwards of the super dense smog haze zone, readings in Singapore have moderate and are now below 100.

Best practice note: Available 24-hour, 7 day a week; PM10 and PM2.5; real-time current PSI readings; forecast to provide alert of pollution episodes; and several historical ranges of indicators using 24-hour averaged statistical summaries.