RSPO Hot topics for Roundtable 11 at Medan, Indonesia

RSPO’s proposed Compensation Procedure is a bold gambit at changing plantation company behaviour by altering and controlling certain cost parameters. Financial analysts will be reaching for their spreadsheets for the first time on a sustainability issue. Don’t be surprised if the growers trot out some lawyers to review this. We conservatively estimate an initial payment of USD 500 mill from growers, mostly to NGOs for conservation.

RSPO’s Roundtable 11 will be in Medan, Indonesia, on 12-14 November 2013. It will focus on the revised Principles & Criteria (RSPO Standard 2013). The size of the RSPO membership, at over 1,300, may make it more unwieldy along with this format.

Key topics for RT11?
1. Certification of independent smallholders in Malaysia and Indonesia; fund & other support.
2. Executive Board joint-leadership?
3. Development of revised National Interpretations for Standard 2013.
4. Fire in oil palm plantations & reliable maps on landownership.
5. Potential demand for non-oil sustainable products (EFB, PK shell etc) and the need for a traceability mechanism (revision of the RSPO Supply Chain documents to come)
6. Members who need more challenging time bound plans for production and consumption.
7. China & India market development.
8. RSPO+ standard? Greenpeace advocates the Palm Oil Innovation Group.

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Source: Khor Report's Palm Oil Nov/Dec 2013, Issue 5 (released)