On the rural political economy of Malaysia

This is looking back a bit,  but thought it might be useful to draw together here various media interviews and think tank articles I have had on this subject. Primarily on the Felda-FGV political economy.

Recent and upcoming:

  • A radio show interview. GE14 - BECAUSE FELDA MATTERS by KHOR Yu Leng, Independent Political Economist, Segi Enam Advisors 08-May-18 11:13 on BFM 89.9 The Business Station.
  • Two topics in commentary: 'FELDA in GE14 - New Access to the BN Fortress and a Takeover Rumour' in The Edge Malaysia 
  • Research article comparing the voting preference and socio-economic indicators for Felda settlements and kampung biasa in GE14.

Playing palm oil politics ahead of Malaysia’s elections By KHOR Yu Leng - East Asia Forum, Australia National University, Crawford School, 26 April 2018.

The FELDA Quarrel and its National Ramifications By KHOR Yu Leng - ISEAS-Yusof Ishak Institute, 12 Jul 2017.

Malaysia Paddy Fields Are Najib’s Battlefield to Woo Voters By Shamim Adam, Bloomberg, June 20, 2016.

The Political Tussle Over Felda Land Schemes by KHOR Yu Leng - Kajian Malaysia, Universiti Sains Malaysia, 2014.

Others include interviews on Al Jazeera news.

Also, do read:

Voting Behaviour in FELDA Parliamentary Constituencies since 2004 by Geoffrey Pakiam, 26 Apr 2018.

Coalitions in Collision: Malaysia's 13th General Elections, Ed. J Saravanamuttu et al., 2015. Chapters by Maznah Mohamad and KHOR Yu Leng.


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In the media: The EU, Malaysian smallholders and big data-informed sustainability by KHOR Yu-Leng

In the media: The EU, Malaysian smallholders and big data-informed sustainability by KHOR Yu-Leng

Systems informed by big data can offer compelling evidence for the smallholders. For instance, Malaysia could easily point EU policymakers and buyers to smallholder zones that have been in production (no deforestation) since 2000, 1985, 1970 and so on. For every 300,000ha of smallholder plantations found, buyer could get over one million tonnes of no-deforestation palm oil.