Climate Change & ASEAN - review of recent policy issues at the 10th AIPA Caucus

At Parlimen Malaysia last week, I reviewed recent policy issues on #climatechange and #ASEAN. It was a brief lit review. For background, I also had the chance to talk to researchers from Oxford and Cambridge, to drill on certain economic questions.

All ASEAN delegates were concerned on climate risks in the region. Progress and plans mentioned by each country. Including some discussion on #carbontax, with Singapore reflecting on its implementation. Regret on low #carbonprice was noted by Cambodia. #Wasteplastics and #landfill concerns and also caution on #incinerators.

On the sidelines, a good chat with Vietnam expert on #coconuts, farmer income, high yield and #Intercropping options; regret on the income problems for younger rural families in monocrop zones of #oilpalm and #rubber.

Had a chance to meet delegates from most member states, but Thailand and Indonesia not present due to political transitions. Other working group tracks on women, children & trafficking and terrorism.

At the 10th AIPA Caucus, Kuala Lumpur, Jun 2019

At the 10th AIPA Caucus, Kuala Lumpur, Jun 2019