Recent commentaries on durian

On durian prices and grades. A hefty bill for Malaysia fans? But why are Singapore prices cited as lower? BFM podcast, 4 Jun 2019

Big boys getting into Malaysia durian? Property tycoon Lim Kang Hoo connects China players (including Greenland) with FGV Berhad. He also buys Mahathir-linked. Value-added durian products eyes. Durian pizza? SCMP commentary,



Incinerator plans may soften Malaysia's approach on waste plastics

The Pakatan Harapan administration has worked hard on the waste plastics tide that hit the shores of Malaysia in 2017-2018 (see Diagram 1 for our review of UN Comtrade data). But there is widening concern that a fast track plan for a dozen or more incinerators softens its waste plastics stance.

Selangor eyes two incinerators or waste-to-energy plants at Jeram and Tanjung Dua Belas to cost RM1.5 billion with a China company. It was China waste processors who rushed to Malaysia and other ASEAN countries like Thailand, Vietnam and Indonesia to offshore their activities on China's ban of waste plastic imports. If it is to be a dozen incinerators close to the indicative Selangor cost, the total could be RM9 billion.

At the one year anniversary of the Pakatan Harapan administration, Prime Minister Mahathir rated his cabinet "5 out of 10." How will Malaysians rate this new ambitious incinerator-waste strategy?

Penang landslide tragedy (second with major loss of life)

Recently (and once again), a land use change tragedy in #Penang, #Malaysia. Recent news items (plus an older review by Mongabay, and link to Anil Netto’s blog for more details on Penang land development) immediately below. And at the bottom, a political-economy of #landdevelopment in Malaysia.

For a political economy context review, do check out…. May 6, 2018: MALAYSIA: THE POLITICAL-ECONOMY OF LAND DEVELOPMENT (OR THE POLITICS OF FLOODS) BY KHOR YU LENG

This #ISEAS Yusof Ishak seminar should be interesting: Malaysia’s #Flood Catastrophes: Examining the Past, Learning from the Present, and Changing the Future. Date: Monday, 12 November 2018. Fiona Clare Williamson (Assistant Professor in Science, Technology and Society at Singapore Management University) and Ngai Weng Chan (Professor of Water Resources Management at the Universiti Sains Malaysia in Penang, Malaysia).