Interview #1: Presidential politics and Indonesian palm oil

We've been chatting with Malaysia and Singapore palm oil industry specialists and noticed significant interest in the upcoming Indonesia Presidential vote. Early in the week, we had the opportunity to talk to a Khor Reports reader who was interested to talk about it, and so we present to you this interview. 

Political changes can bring major shifts in resource development policies as well as a different approach to NGOs such as seen in Australia. On the buy side, in major consuming countries, we should note the rise of right wing nationalistic parties who gained more power especially in the European Parliament.

Interviewee #1: Indonesian voter, palm oil industry senor manager, who was part of the student demonstrations in the 1998 ousting of Suharto. A Jokowi supporter.
What do you think of the recent poll numbers?
What's an important issue in Indonesia elections?
What is Prabowo's plaftform?
What does Jokowi stand for?
How did the 9 June debate go?
What are the implications for Indonesia palm oil?
So there's concern in Indonesia about foreign influence amidst nationalistic feeling?

Political news on anti-globalisation trend?

In Europe

In UK, the big vote for Ukip in the European elections is notable:

France: Front National's success not surprising to heartland supporters;

European Stocks Brush Off Election Results -;

Video - The Rise of the Euroskeptic Right in Europe -;!2D6EF382-F8C0-4FB7-B379-DCA54004482D

In Southeast Asia

Singapore: New Singapore political party to be announced;; Ex-presidential candidate Tan Jee Say will be announcing the registration of a new Singapore political party on Sunday.The 60-year-old will be unveiling the 11 founding members, party logo and manifesto, according to an email to the media. More members might be recruited before the next election.  Tan ran for the general election in 2011 under the Singapore Democratic Party. He was also the principal private secretary to the then Deputy Prime Minister Goh Chok Tong.....  Tan's Radio Australia interview:

Malaysia: Discovery that new young Malay candidate of the DAP (Chinese-controlled party in opposition coalition) has previously, while her mother was involved with Perkasa# helped out at this important ultra-right Malay nationalist group; Thus, her apparent swing from Perkasa to DAP is apparently a remarkable political epiphany. Here's an almost advertorial-looking piece on DAP's Dyana Sofya: with a super slick photo (below) to go with it. The Malaysia media has up till the Perkasa revelation been extremely good to her. Dyana Sofya: From UMNO supporter roots to DAP rising star (2013; Lim Kit Siang's political secretary): She is expected to win and become the new (opposition) MP for Teluk Intan, Perak. 

# "Perkasa is a non-governmental Malay supremacy organization that was formed by Ibrahim Ali in the aftermath of the Malaysian general elections in 2008. This conservative, extreme-right, ethnic Malay organisation is led by its president Ibrahim Ali, with Tun Dr. Mahathir Mohamad, the former Prime Minister of Malaysia, as advisor. The group claims to have a membership of 420,000, though outsiders estimate the actual figure to be much lower. There are substantiated allegations that more than 60% of its membership consists of UMNO members." Accessed, 27 May 2014.