Interview #1: Presidential politics and Indonesian palm oil

We've been chatting with Malaysia and Singapore palm oil industry specialists and noticed significant interest in the upcoming Indonesia Presidential vote. Early in the week, we had the opportunity to talk to a Khor Reports reader who was interested to talk about it, and so we present to you this interview. 

Political changes can bring major shifts in resource development policies as well as a different approach to NGOs such as seen in Australia. On the buy side, in major consuming countries, we should note the rise of right wing nationalistic parties who gained more power especially in the European Parliament.

Interviewee #1: Indonesian voter, palm oil industry senor manager, who was part of the student demonstrations in the 1998 ousting of Suharto. A Jokowi supporter.
What do you think of the recent poll numbers?
What's an important issue in Indonesia elections?
What is Prabowo's plaftform?
What does Jokowi stand for?
How did the 9 June debate go?
What are the implications for Indonesia palm oil?
So there's concern in Indonesia about foreign influence amidst nationalistic feeling?