Three papers in process and research schedule

Just to update readers that I have in process three papers for academic / think-tank publications.

a) I have just sent in to the editors at Kajian Malaysia on a special issue for GE13 on the political-economy of Felda. The final draft is in, tidying up queries requested by the reviewers and on few items missed in formatting.

b) To ISEAS, I submitted the draft of a paper on Malaysia stakeholder views on the Singapore-Johor integration policy (Iskandar Malaysia project).

c) Earlier, I had reviewed on a co-author paper led by Professor Terence Gomez that incorporates segments of my work on Malaysia-China investment ties.

Research and drafting continues on a paper on the frontier palm oil development in Malaysia-Indonesia as well as my book draft on the recent political-economy of palm oil. I also have a powerpoint to put together on the Malaysia-Indonesia palm oil sector and its key players.