Festive greetings and Happy 2015!

Dear readers,
Thank you for you interest in my political-economy blog. It's done in my spare time as I'm busy with my day job. Thank you to those recently asking me for papers, but sadly, I've had to largely decline. I've got some heavy deadlines for end of this week and just after that is the year end break, so here's an early year-end greeting and best wishes for the coming year (in which I'll have to revive my book project)!
Recent blog posts:
Sovereign wealth fund / SWF news (update 1): 1MDB worries erupt on UMNO rep's police report and Malaysia Cabinet meeting?
Petronas news (update 1): Weaker credit metrics, PETRONAS lower earnings problem for Malaysia coffers, award of Sabah onshore deals

Johor / Iskandar developments watch (update 6): Indonesia investors, Tanjung Langsat as largest private jetty operator

Malaysia labour concerns

Malaysia-China relations (update 46): Historical perspectives on Malaysia's foreign policy - committing to both the USA and China?
http://khoryuleng.blogspot.com/2014/03/malaysia-china-relations.html (7500+ views on this topic, by far the fave...)

Sabah news (update 6): Sabah onshore oil & gas, the oil royalty push, secession talk is sedition

Penang news (update 1) - E&E human rights allegations, construction and property, social assistance maxed out says Guan Eng

Brazil's Vale in Malaysia (update 1b): Distribution in 10 days and 35% reduction in carbon emissions per tonne of ore

Malaysia opposition in crisis (update 16): What is the status of the PR opposition coalition?

Recent papers and upcoming:
Singapore-Johor update: ISEAS Perspective "Iskandar Labours to Develop" by Khor Yu Leng and Vasiliki Mavroeidi
The Political Tussle Over Felda Land Schemes – UMNO Strengthens Its Malay Rural Fortress in 13th General Election by Khor Yu Leng
Also, I've a co-author article with Prof Terence Gomez, with my inputs on Malaysia-China economic relations...