Bandar Malaysia

Insider views of the Bandar Malaysia debacle of 3 May 2017

Khor Reports’ China Deal Watch: Bandar Malaysia briefing paper | 7 May 2017

Insider views of the Bandar Malaysia debacle of 3 May 2017

This briefing focuses on viewpoints of Kuala Lumpur-based corporate and financial sector insiders and China channels in Malaysia. This has been supplemented by a review of how Malaysia media (Bahasa, Chinese languages) and China media are treating the unexpected news of 3 May 2017 – notably China (in China) and Malay language media are playing it cool. The China corporate deals contexts for Malaysia, ASEAN and CREC are also reviewed in brief. This highlights the China corporate (large) deals focus on Malaysia (especially post 2013) and the lack of troubled transaction until a few days ago. China channels and KL financial insiders are in accord, in so far as both focus on a new consortia for the Bandar Malaysia project. Personalised business deal issues seem (for now) to be of direct interest; and the contextual Malaysia problems discussed by internationalists (i.e., China capital controls, domestic business fears of competition, 1MDB global investigation entanglements) remain valid but appear of indirect concern to-date.

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