March 2013: Sabah-Sulu Crisis - An Annotated Palm Oil Map

SABAH-SULU CRISIS & PALM OIL: an annotated map of the crisis that started in February and erupted in violence in early March 2013, resulting in risk concerns for the palm oil supply chain in Sabah (the biggest producer of palm oil in Malaysia). 

Download here: SabahSulu_Map_Mar13

Info Briefing: Felda Global - Strong Selling Mopped Up, Uncertainty Lingers

FELDA GLOBAL: Khor Reports takes a look at the first few months of trading activity after the listing of Felda Global. 

  • 736 million shares (equivalent 34% of IPO shares issued) traded at value of RM3.9 billion.
  • RM616 million in profits pocketed by IPO shareholders?
  • Cloudy outlook remains – significant broker reports for “under-perform” on the company’s shares.
  • Heavy selling pressure has been quite well absorbed by market buyers. Who are the big buyers?
  • Shares drifting down toward RM5 after quick ramp up to RM5.50 from listing price of RM4.45-4.55/share (IPO on 28 June 2012).

Download here: InfoBrief_Felda_Aug12

Info Briefing: Petronas - New Directions and Challenges

PETRONAS: Briefing on Petronas' new strategy, update on new marginal field contract and issues on its Sudan concessions with the impending secession of South Sudan expected in mid-2011.   

  • New CEO and strategy, 5 man EXCO 
  • Domestic marginal field development - service contracts bonanza?
  • Petronas payout is 40% of Malaysia public revenue; PM Najib's NEM proposes special fund instead
  • Sudan challenges - South Sudan secession, Sudan NOCs may want more, new roadblocks

Download here: InfoBrief_Petronas_Feb11