Newsletter Nov/Dec 2013: Feeding Africa

Khor Reports' newsletter: Feeding Africa, Asian companies eye West Africa consumers with palm oil, instant noodles and moreFeature: Indomie, Unilever & Olam in W Africa. Instant noodles & global hunger Indonesia’s landholding ceiling, Felda Global deals & moreBiofuel policy cooling and boost, Neste Oil’s renewables Sustainability: more certification, snacks & supply chain Preview: RSPO hot topics 

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Newsletter Sept/Oct 2013: Indonesia's Palm Oil Boom

Malaysia biogas, India refinery woes, Liberia investor hiccup. Green performance chemicals. Sustainability: after haze, RSPO+, labour worries. Supplement: EU withdraws GSP privileges, Malaysia mulls TPP standard, Indonesia’s farmer protection law, Pakistan FTA  

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Newsletter Jul/Aug 2013: Trade Tussles

Khor Reports' newsletter: Trade tussles. Corporate: Who’s got the best prices& growth prospects? EU biodiesel: certification, anti‐dumping & ILUC. Nigeria worries about duty evaders. Better info on saturated fats & Vitamin E tocotrienols. Frontier expansion: Nigeria, Mindanao & more. Price outlook muted, eyes on China & crude oil.  

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Info Briefing 2013: Great Haze II - The Karmic Winds of Change?

The Southeast Asian haze is an annual, seasonal phenomenon that is now in its 17th year. The 2013 enviro-pollution season can be regarded as “Great Haze II” with PSI reaching just over 400.While the gloomy view is that little real action will be taken, we think that the mood is different from the approach taken back in the late 1990s – early 2000s.  

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March 2013: Sabah-Sulu Crisis - An Annotated Palm Oil Map

SABAH-SULU CRISIS & PALM OIL: an annotated map of the crisis that started in February and erupted in violence in early March 2013, resulting in risk concerns for the palm oil supply chain in Sabah (the biggest producer of palm oil in Malaysia). 

Download here: SabahSulu_Map_Mar13