Newsletter 27 October 2010: Roundtable for Sustainable Palm Oil - NGO and Downstream Perspectives, Part II

Why we need the RSPO

  • WWF says we are using 1.5x of our planet's ability to replace resources - sustainability is about survival
  • Supportive stakeholders of the RSPO are averse to reputational and market risks
  • Should governments be invited to the RSPO? HCV regional mapping may signal closer cooperation
  • Economic incentives as a possible best solution to sustainability

Download here: Newsletter_October10_03

Newsletter 26 August 2010: Roundtable for Sustainable Palm Oil - The Grower's Perspective, Part I

Sustainability of the RSPO - the 7-year itch?

  • The RSPO will face competition from the upcoming ISPO standard
  • Take up of CSPO has lagged and its premium has fallen from USD 40/mt to USD 6/mt
  • NGO campaigns against oil palm growers have been escalating
  • Internal RSPO issues have yet to be resolved, including its procedures and its resources
  • How to 'save' RSPO? We have some ideas, from the growers' perspectives

Download here: Newsletter_Aug2010_02