Big data perspective

Geo-economics data published in The Edge Malaysia, The Edge Singapore, 2018


Ms Yu-Leng KHOR is an Oxford University and LSE-trained business economist. She grew up in Mahathir’s Malaysia and Suharto’s Indonesia. She has worked in finance, agribusiness and infrastructure with a Southeast Asia focus; combining big data-geospatial analytics, social listening, deep-dive market intelligence and risk analysis in her work. In commodities her focus is sustainable supply-chains and trade. She is a political-economist on mobility and leads projects on culture and natural capital. She is Advisor to Jane Goodall's Roots & Shoots in Malaysia.

She has two academic articles in review for Malaysia's regime-changing general election of May 2018; on the subjects of mobility and rural concerns. She is Associate at the Singapore Institute of International Affairs, Research Associate at the Institute of China Studies, University Malaya; and was Visiting Fellow, ISEAS-Yushof Ishak Institute (2013). As regional Research Head at LMC International Ltd (2014-2017; advising global brands and commodity groups), she was a lead economist for the 2017 Palm Oil Study for the EU Commission. Yu Leng has articles and book chapters on smallholder socio-economics and voting, China and regional development. She has presented her work to academia and business forums, and she is on expert panels for UNIDO, banks and fund managers (Singapore & Hong Kong).

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